Unable to configure 2012 DHCP failover due to conflict

I have 2 2012 dhcp server. I have exported the scopes from one and imported into the partner server , so the predefined options would get created. Then I deleted all the scopes from the partner server, and the entries under server options.

Then I configure the failover and during the replication I get and error "conflict in types for the same option on host and added dhcp servers"

I cannot figure out where the conflict is. I check every predefined option and removed any string entries in them. Still fails.

Any thoughs?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
As I recall, you shouldn't have done the export/import to get all the scope options. Deleting them on the empty server should resolve the issue. They'll get replicated as part of the failover creation process. But having them on both servers appears as a conflict, even if the settings are the same.
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
When I first tried the failover without the export/import, I got an error no predefined options on the partner server.
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
this resolved my issue. thanks
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