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Problem: Running out of IP address on existing VLAN
Why: With laptops, smart phones and tablets, I'm running out of IP address on my existing VLAN.

My idea: Create a new VLAN
Why: I already have a few existing VLANs, notably 1301 and 1302.   1301 is Data, 1302 Phones.
1301 =
1302 =
Due to lack of foresight, I can't just expand the subnet of 1301 as it will crash into 1302
Can't move 1302 as it is for the phone system, and that is a bigger barrel of monkeys.

Create a new VLAN 1303 =, which will give me hundreds of new IP address for Data devices.

Attached is my running config.
Devices on 1301 can ping; cannot ping anything else on 1303
Devices 1303 can't even ping
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where is your DHCP server and what scope/lease time do you have.

Without knowing Wigan your envirement consists of.

Potentially if you have a high rotation of systems and a long lease time, that would cause the DHCP to run out of IPs.
Let's say the average time a client is using an ip is 4 hours but your lease time is 7 days, if the client system is not powered off while connected, the ip is reflected as reserved/in use on the DHCP server.

Lowering the lease time to 4 hours or lower, the trade off is higher network traffic of DHCP related events.

Transitioning to a new another ip block with a larger number of IPs could be the approach if you the IPs are being consumed by active devices
pdesjardins1Author Commented:
The DCHP server is on site.

Lowering the lease time could help a little, but there is not that much transistion on site. The devices that want IP address stay all day and all week.
5 years ago 80 people needed about 100 IP address.
Now nearly all of them have laptops, a smart phone, and so on... 80 people need 240+ address.
Separate the WIFI to a separate VLAN and allocate different IPS.

Is the DHCP server configurable windows/linux/etc.?
I.e. you can define another larger IP range on the same VLAN
and migrate to it.
i.e. stop issuing old IPS, and start issuing new ones...
Separating the wifi non VOIP Phone devices is likely the simplest to reduce the IP needs while adding 254 or more IPs.

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pdesjardins1Author Commented:
My idea was to "Create a new VLAN"

I am trying to create the new VLAN (1303) and the new VLAN is not working properly.

I need an Avaya guru to look at my script and tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Where are you creating the new VLAN, what parts/will belong to that VLAN?
In a situation such as yours it is not always necessary to use vlans to expand resources.

I am not an avaya person so .......

What is the issue that you are seeing?
pdesjardins1Author Commented:
arnold, you are telling me nice things that I would like to do.

"Separate the WIFI to a separate VLAN and allocate different IPs."
Great. How?
Attached it the config of my Avaya switch. I've added a new VLAN, but it is not working.

"you can define another larger IP range on the same VLAN
 and migrate to it."
I don't think I can. If I expand the subnet of, to say crosses into an existing scope used by the phones. (

"What is the issue that you are seeing?"
I've created a new VLAN 1303
Assigned it an address of
assigned it to use the same data ports as VLAN 1301
I can connect a machine with address and ping, and ping internet items.
I change my address to, and can NOT ping, or any internet items.
Where is your wifi router connected? That port will be changed to a separate VLAN that is how you would differentiate wifi devices from the others.

The change deals with entire IPs.
Avaya presumably is your PBX/phone system and phones.
What is the make of your switch and wifi router and DHCP server?

See whether the current VLAN 1302 can have a sub IP address to that IP you would assign a sub IP address.

I am taking about not expanding your existing LAN, but replacing the segment all together.
I.e. to

The issue I am unclear where your DHCP server is. Ip helper could use an additional scope to allocate IPs from.......
pdesjardins1Author Commented:
Ok. I see that by just moving my WIFI routers to a different VLAN I can move all wireless devices off one IP subnet and to another, which will solve my problem.

I will try to create a new vlan and assign it to only to the ports connecting the wifi routers.

I will report back on how it went.
The issue deals with whether your wireless devices need access to other segments. Best to try this new segment on a single router to make sure everything will work as intended and once confirmed move the rest.
pdesjardins1Author Commented:
3/5th successful.

I was able to create a new vlan (1303) on the main 4500, assign 3 ports to the Vlan (2,3,4) and put the wireless AP boxes in those port. Success.
All wireless devices connecting to those AP now pull a 10.24.3.x address.
Attached is the new config.

In addition to the main 4500, I have several additional 4500 boxes.
They are configured differently.
I tried the same steps as above, and failed. See the attached "04"
Could you clarify what you are expecting from the other 4500s and how they are related.
Presumably given it is a flat network the remaining 4500 only have vlan1 defined and all ports are defaulting to that VLAN.
You have the core 4500 connect the other 4500 as a trunk connection with all vlans traveling through. Presumably the DHCP is being passed in which case you would need to setup ip helpers/DHCP relay agent on each of the 4500s to send the DHCP requests through their connection.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with avaya switches on how you can push the VLAN policy from the core up the chain to the other 4500's
pdesjardins1Author Commented:
Not exactly what I was looking for, but it worked.

I made 3 of the ports on the avaya switch use vlan 1303.
I plugged my WIFI boxes into those ports.
Now all my WIFI devices use the new vlan and the new DHCP range, freeing up dozens of 1301 address.
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