Restore from Disk Image

I created a Disk Image using Macrium.  The image is stored on a NETWORK Drive.
I Created a Recovery Disk on CD.

The Bootable Hard Disk failed.  I replaced the Hard Disk.

How do I recover using the Stored Disk Image?

My question  is:  Recovering the Hard Disk wipes everything from the HDD, so how will the Computer communicate with the Network Drive during recovery?
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You do not need to worry about wiping content on the drive. Only if you have copied some important data to it already.
The Bare Metal Recovery (it is exactly your case) works as follows.
1) You create a Recovery CD (based on WinPE)
2) You boot the PC from this CD and configure the network so that you could access the share with backup image
3) You select the image to restore and then point to which drive you would like it to be restored
4) Apply changes and wait till it finishes. Note, the restore process will create exactly the same disk layout you had during backup.

The Recovery CD loads itself into RAM and thus it is not dependent from HDD. All operations are done from RAM.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You need to copy the image to a USB Hard Drive. Then connect the USB Hard Drive to the computer and run the recovery. This will work - I have done it.

Do not try to recover from a network connection in case you have the issue you name.
I don't know your particular product, but normally you boot the PC you want to restore the image to, using the boot CD of your imaging tool. You then connect to the network location where the images are stored, select the image and then restore to the local disk.

As the new disk is empty anyway, there is nothing to erase on it, and the system communicates with the network using the OS from the CD you booted from.
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