MS SQL Convert a date format mmddyyy into another format

Hello experts,

i'm importing data from a webservice and i get a date in this format: "mmddyyyy hh:mm:ss", exe.: "04302015 11:45:01"

how can transform this: "mmddyyyy hh:mm:ss" into this: "dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss", in transact SQL?
Exe.: "04302015 11:45:01" => "30-04-2015 11:45:01"

I tried several approaches with CAST and CONVERT but without success :(

Thx in advanced :)

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You could use SUBSTRING() for this, for example:

SELECT(CONCAT(SUBSTRING("04302015 11:45:01",3,2), "-" ,SUBSTRING("04302015 11:45:01",1,2), "-" , SUBSTRING("04302015 11:45:01",5,4) , " " ,  SUBSTRING("04302015 11:45:01",10,8)))

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justaphaseAuthor Commented:
i thought about that... but i also  thought that there was a simple way LOL...
Lokesh B RDeveloperCommented:

Replace the  double quotes with the single quotes in the above reply.

SELECT(CONCAT(SUBSTRING('04302015 11:45:01',3,2), '-' ,SUBSTRING('04302015 11:45:01',1,2), '-' , SUBSTRING('04302015 11:45:01',5,4) , ' ' ,  SUBSTRING('04302015 11:45:01',10,8)))

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justaphaseAuthor Commented:
Yeah i knew that, lol

Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Problem is that date could come with day and month separators and since it don't you'll need to add it before converting to date type:
SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME, STUFF(STUFF(@MyDate,3,0,'/'),6,0,'/'), 0)

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NOTE: Replace @MyDate with the variable or field that you are working with.
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Doesn't seem correct to accept a comment that it was only intended to correct some typo. At least you should share the points between the two Experts (Accept the 1st comment as Answer and the 2nd as Assist).
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