pplication is not running from the server


i have an ASP .net web application which run successfully from Visual studio .net with no errors when i click "start debugging", all the functions and procedure executed with now problems, when i publish my application to the server "localhost" and access my application from the IE directly, it working fine but some functionality not working and i am not getting any error messages?

how can i solve this issues? is there some functionality that got disabled from the server? do i have to configure the IIS?
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Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
First which version of Visual Studio are you using?
What version of .NET Framework did you use when compiling the web site?
Is the correct .NET Framework installed on the server?
Is ASP.NET component installed for IIS?
Check the Application Pool type for the web site:
a) Classic .NET AppPool (use this for migrated sites from IIS 6 and .NET 2.0 apps)
b) ASP.NET V2.0 Integrated
b) ASP.NET v4.0 (for .NET Framework 4.x websites)
c) ASP.NET v4.0 Classics
d) DefaultAppPool
AZZA-KHAMEESAuthor Commented:
thank you for the reply, i managed to debug my application from IIS, and found the issues with the code
Debug your ASP.NET Application while Hosted on IIS
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