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i have pc in domain and i m trying to reach a server in workgroup with name but nothing.i can only access server with ip

does anyone have any idea????
Mark SoultchAsked:
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Don ThomsonCommented:
Add a line in the HOSTS  file

192.168.0.x  [TAB]   Server Name     (Server IP First then TAB then Actual IP)  

Not sure why the workstation is not betting the netbios name automatically but it's probably has to do with some cache that hasn't been reset.

Check the Network V4 and if it's static then the DNS IP sequence should be  Server - Router

If it's dynamic then do CMD - ipconfig /all  to find out what the sequence is.  If it's not the same as above it may mean that you are using the Router rather than the server for DHCP. If that's correct then you will need to set the DNS ip's manually at the workstation
Zacharia KurianAdministrator- Data Center & NetworkCommented:
reach a server in workgroup with name

Do you have this server's name populated in your AD DNS server? Are you able to ping the server by name from the PC?

If not, just add a static DNS 'A" record for the server in your AD DNS server.

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