Moving emails from SBS 2008 ( Exchange 2007 ) to Exchange Online and then running SBS without Exchange.

After a lot of fun with an SBS 2008 server, faulty hard drives etc., the server itself is now a happy beast.

However, the company who run this server are running scared a little and would now like to host their emails with Microsoft's exchange online.

They then intend to use the SBS server - that is now running fine - as is but without Exchange.

My questions are therefore two fold:

1. Is it easy to move the emails from Exchange to Exchange Online? Any online instructions on this would be appreciated.

2. What is the best way to then stop the SBS Server being an Exchange Server?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I don't know how easy it is to move the mailbox to hosted exchange. The 2nd part of the Question though is easy. You don't remove or stop the exchange service on an SBS server. That isn't supported and would make the server unstable. SBS server is meant to run with all the services it was built for. You just leave it running. No one forces the users to actually use it though.
Moreno JackCommented:
To achieve 1st goal I would recommend you to checkout Exchange server deployment assistant that is available from Microsoft. It covers all the required aspects and assist further by providing step-wise instructions.
Exchange Deployment Assistant:

Further, you may also walk through below given informative resources to get in more depth.
Mailbox Migration to Exchange Online:

Step-By-Step: Migrating from Exchange 2007 to Office 365:

for the 2nd part rindi suggested that very well.

Hope this helps you!
Markieboy1Author Commented:
Many thanks for both answers. I think you have covered what I need to know,

One small question regarding leaving Exchange on the server.  The Company in question are familiar with setting up users.
When they set up a user using the SBS Console, it will create a email account as well.

When the new user signs in and goes to Outlook ( Outlook 2010 at the moment ), Outlook finds the email address and configures Outlook accordingly.

Will Outlook configure to Exchange Online automatically - given it is the same email address - or will it require setting up manually?

Thanks again for your help.
One thing you must of course not forget to do is to make sure your external DNS entries are changed so they no longer point to your internal mail server, but rather to the hosted exchange server. So that when someone sends mails to your domain, it goes to the new servers and not your local SBS server.
Markieboy1Author Commented:
Many Thanks. I will get reading......
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