Cisco Using TTCP to tech 10Gpbs ports


I've just got 1 new cisco 3750-x switches and I want to get my 10Gbps ports are working at there full speed.

I'm trying to test using TTCP using 1 switch as the transmitter and the other as the receiver.    The config is very simple on the ports, just an IP set on each side on the same subnet.

When I run this it gives me the below results just using the defaults:

ttcp-r: buflen=8192, align=16384/0, port=5001
rcvwndsize=4128, delayedack=yes  tcp
ttcp-r: accept from
ttcp-r: 409600 bytes in 1518 ms (1.518 real seconds) (~262 kB/s)+++
ttcp-r: 211 I/O calls
ttcp-r: 0 sleeps (0 ms total) (0 ms average)

262 kB/s is VERY slow for 10Gbps ports, do I need to use different settings to the defaults?  They are listed below:

Receive side:
transmit or receive [receive]:
perform tcp half close [n]:
receive buflen [8192]:
bufalign [16384]:
bufoffset [0]:
port [5001]:
sinkmode [y]:
rcvwndsize [4128]:
delayed ACK [y]:
show tcp information at end [n]:

Transit Side:
transmit or receive [receive]: transmit
Target IP address:
perform tcp half close [n]:
send buflen [8192]:
send nbuf [2048]:
bufalign [16384]:
bufoffset [0]:
port [5001]:
sinkmode [y]:
buffering on writes [y]:
show tcp information at end [n]:

Many thanks
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did you run show proc cpu hist after the test, and make sure you're not maxing out the CPU?

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