Delphi TEdit.PasteFromClipboard won't work

I'm running Delphi XE7 on Windows 7.  I've created a simply project with a button and two edits.  This is the button click event:

procedure TForm2.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  Edit1.Text := 'Paste this text';
  Edit1.SelStart := 6;
  Edit1.SelLength := 4; // Remove "this"

This fails.  The copy and cut functions (I've tested both) work. However, the Paste function fails.  The KeyPreview property on the form is false.
I have no clue why this simple code is failing.

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Hi Eric,

Edit2 is a TRzEdit while Edit1 is a TEdit.

Looks like TRzEdit doesn't handle de PasteFromClipBoard method.
Your sample project will work fine if you replace your TRzEdit with a TEdit.

cerebrumconsultingAuthor Commented:
No, I just tried that.  It makes no difference even working with two TEdits.
cerebrumconsultingAuthor Commented:
Never mind. False alarm.  I just found out that my antivirus software, Webroot, was blocking the paste operations.  Would have been nice if it told me it was doing this. Sorry to trouble everyone.

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