Fortigate 110c and HP Procurve Layer 3

I have a network with 5 VLANs. Vlan 1 is configured for one of the ethernets on the fortigate(port7).  The other 4 Vlans or sub interfaces to the port 7.  This is a new client and they were having problems with their voice(Internal Lync server).  After a network study, we found that all routing was taking place on the fortigate instead of the layer 3 switches(HP).  So, the gateway on every vlan was to port 7 for vlan 1 and the sub interfaces for the other vlans.  I have vlan tagging turned on for both the Fortinet as well as the hp.  The problem with the fortigate being the router is we have all the VLAN routing happening on the fortigate 100mb port.  It is maxed at 97%.  This is a huge problem.  So, we wanted to make it so that all the inter vlan routing took place on the hp layer 3 switch instead.  It works fine for VLAN 1.  However, for all other vlans, I can’t get traffic to get out on the internet.  I worked with support until 1230 AM today with no luck.  They had no clue.  They tried to tell me to have multiple default routes on my HP Core switch.  You can’t have multiple default routes.  So, they were clueless.  So, I am trying to figure out a solution here.  Anybody deal with this?
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Well your FortiGate will still handle your internal to external rules and external to internal.
Your HP should be handling the internal routing and if need be VACLs for inter vlan access control.
That was the original problem being your internal inter vlan routing was being done by the firewall

could you post your routing table from your HP?
also have you got OSPF disabled on the Fortigate and static routing tables in there?
let say
vlan 2 is is on the HP and is on port 7 of the Fortigate
vlan 10 in in on the HP then the fortigate needs to say in its routing table (next hop router, its been a while it might require just the interface like a PC so it might be
jruskeyAuthor Commented:
OSPF is disabled on fortigate.  

VLAN 1 on HP - - VLAN 1 on Fortinet - gateway for clients on vlan is
Default route on hp

VLAN 20 on HP - - VLAN 20 on Fortinet - - If my clients point to .254 for gateway, all works.  If I point to HP on .1, it doesn't work.  However, I can ping to other vlans, just can't get on the web.  So the HP is routing correctly

Fortigate routing table has tables such as directly connected
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I would remove from the FortiGate and put a routing rule

I have a fair amount of networks, my firewall routing table looks like this
Any going to all private addresses go to (the IP of my HP L3 switch)
Any going to any go to <my next hop router address>

i have no clients on the range it is presented as a vlan untagged going to my firewall and my firewall has only one address for all traffic (LAN side) my HP's default is
jruskeyAuthor Commented:
So, right now I have a ton of rules on the fortinet.  It allows vlan 1 to get to 10 and things like that.  When my HP will do the routing, I basically have to ignore the rules on the fortinet and create ACLs on the HP?  Would that be a correct assumption?
jruskeyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I will give this a try
good luck if no joy i'll be here :)
well providing things are still quite my end lol
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