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KMS server question

Environ: Windows Server 2008 active directory domain, 600 users, windows 7 machines.

We currently have a KMS server - it's a 2008 box and it has some keys for server and office installed.

I just spun up a 2012 R2 KMS server and it looks all pretty and prepped to do it's job.  There are some keys installed and it's in DNS.

It's the keys on the other server I'm curious about.  Do I need to export the keys off of the original KMS server and import them into the new server?  The old server needs to go away, but there are keys in there and it doesn't "seem right" to just re-enter those keys into the new server as i'll lose my activation counts.

What is the process for getting the keys off of the old server and into the new one before taking the old one offline?


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So, in the case of my MS Office 2013 Pro, just add my KMS key to the new server and decomm the old one?

There is no "moving of keys" from old to new?
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Thanks Cliff.  People named Cliff are a lot of help!  :)  Of course, I may be biased.