The backup operation that started at...has failed with following error code 0x8078014D...

I am having an IT "issue with legs", IE one that doesn't seem to want to die.  

I have been trying to get two Windows Server 2012 Domain Controllers to do system state backups using the Windows Server Backup program to a network location.  Though this works some of the time, it mostly doesn't.  Here is some of the history on the issue.

Initially, I had both of these DCs running the system state backups to a shared network folder on a Windows 7 computer, this computer had a routine that would push this data once received over to an external hard drive for offsite storage.  Doing this would work on the non PDC and sometimes on the PDC.  But eventually, after a few nights of running ok, the PDC backup would fail, and all future attempts at running the scheduled backup would fail.  The hung job could not be canceled via either the GUI nor command line, even though the latter would say it had wasn't.  The server would have to be restarted in order to get the backups to run again or to be able to interact with the scheduled backup wizard.  The error was something like the network location is not available even though it was.  

So I abandoned that location thinking the windows 7 20 connection limit could be the issue and re-targeted towards a NAS.  Now the NAS solution always fails for both DCS, but of course in a unique way different from the previous.  The initial job run will fail throwing up the following error...

"The backup operation that started at...has failed with the following error code '0x807800C5' (There was a failure in preparing the backup image of one of the volumes in the backup set)...please blah blah blah...nothing helpful etc."

When you look at the backup location, it has backed up about 8 GB of data (which as a side note is way more than the 700MB that the old server 2003 backup system states used to do)

The the following days since this first failed backup, subsequent errors are different, but consistently the following error...

"The backup operation that started at...has failed with following error code '0x8078014D' (There was a failure updating the backup for deleted items.).  Please find small Jade monkey that corresponds with useless hex code or slay a dragon...etc"

Things of note, the jobs are running at 1am and 2am for each DC, I have moved the AV scans up to 3am so they don't mess with the backups.  The NAS share is hidden, but has no issues writing to.  Permissions are domain admins.

Thanks a lot for the help :-)
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
My initial thought was that you were having a fairly common problem with a sleeping destination not waking fast enough; but, searching found this thread which claims that non-present storage controllers confuse the VSS service causing the 0x8078014D error:

If that is not it, what events are being listed?
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
I have had very similar problems and to me the key thing in your description is "failure in preparing the backup image of one of the volumes" so that point to an issue with what it is trying to backup and not where it is trying to backup to. The only I have been able to remedy this was to stop the all the backups I have scheduled and re-create it and 9 times out of 10 that fixes it. I have had similar issues on Hyper-V and trying to backup VMs and their volumes.

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CnicNVAuthor Commented:
Preliminary this looks like a Microsoft bug of some sort.  See the following links.

Super long forum post (that of course goes off on tangents, but mostly stays on topic).  I have it jumped to the last page...

Then a Microsoft Hotfix that was as far as I can tell is not included in Automatic updates and was release last year...

Now being a "great" (not) year and a half for automatic Microsoft updates and the worry about having to dodge potential resume generating events every Tuesday, I am especially trepidatious about installing this KB2920193.  It is not pushed out to WSUS servers automatically as far as I can tell and its requires you to enter in your email address in order to downloaded, with messages on the page "only install for OS's that are experiencing this problem" and these being domain controllers.  

I am wondering if anyone has experience installing this on domain controller?  If it fixes the problem and if it causes additional issues?

CnicNVAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the assistance, I had given up on being too technocratic about the problem and simply decided to do as you said, deleting the scheduled job and recreating a new one.  This got the job running again on the DC that was having the issue initially but not the other one that was running fine.  Anyway, I will rinse and repeat the process until they both stabilize (which I am hoping they do).  

Microsoft needs to QA this product a lot more. Hopefully they will release a windows update for this as apposed to whatever that current potential fix they have would be classified as.

Thanks again
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
I agree MS needs to work on this and hopefully they will soon
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