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NetApp LIFs Logical Interfaces Question

Hi guys,

I am studying towards my NCSA and I came across this question and for the life of me I don't see which one is incorrect?

Which statement is NOT true about Data LIFs?

1. Data LIFs for NAS protocols have the ability to fail over or migrated manually
2. Data LIFs can have one to one mappings with an SVM
3. Data LIFs for SAN protocols have the ability to fail over  or migrated manually
4. More than one data LIF can be associated with one data network port

So to me they all seem correct,as they help with fail over as they are logical? They support NFS CIFS iSCSI FC?

If someone could please point me in the right direction


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Paul Solovyovsky
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Top man thank you for the link and the explanation,  I was really finding it hard to get a proper answer!