Looking for a good MDM cloud solution to manage iOS tablets (iPads)

We currently use MaaS360. We want to look at other options. How does Meraki compare to MaaS360? What are the price comparison? Are there other's out there that would fit our needs for a good deal and good support?

Here is what we are after

1. Cloud capabilities
2. VPN feature
3. Great alerting feature to notify admins when a device is OOC (Out-of-Compliance)
4. Active Sync
5. App White-listing feature that will actually prevent users from installing any app if the app they are trying to install is not white-listed in the policy.
6. WIFI configuration option
7.  And all relevant security features

We currently use MaaS360 from Fiberlink, but we are not pleased. We will only manage about 100 devices, and no more. The only device we are managing will be for iPads (Old and new). No phones, or Android devices.
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We use Air-Watch and like it.
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