Access database "The database has been placed in a state..." caused by code that creates context menu

We have created an Access database with Access 2013 that is to be shared by many users.  No reports, import, or exports are being run when the db is being used.  We are simply asking users to update some fields in a form.  We have secured the database by:
•      Limiting access to records based on the ADID of the person logged into the PC.
•      Database window, Navigation Pane and Ribbon have been disabled/hidden.
•      The shift key (Bypass Key) is disabled, so there is no access to the database window.
•      VBA code is password protected.

We don’t want to create front ends for each user since this is a one-time use effort designed to prevent us from sending Excel files out to collect some information.

We wanted to give the users a limited right-click menu so they could sort and filter but not much else.
We have the code to do this and it works well, however, when a second user opens the database they get the message “The database has been placed in a state by user 'Admin' on machine 'machine name' that prevents it from being opened or locked".
When I remove the call of the code that creates the right-click menu the error goes away.  Does anyone know why this code would cause that error?  The code is below, and I have attached a very simple database, created just to test this problem, that only has one simple form, no tables or queries, and only contains that code.  The code is invoked on Form Load.
Option Compare Database

' This code creates the Shortcut menu (right-click menu, or context menu)

Public Function CreateSimpleShortcutMenu()
  On Error Resume Next 'If menu with same name exists delete
  Dim cmb As CommandBar
  Set cmb = CommandBars.Add("GeneralClipboardMenu", msoBarPopup, False, False)
      With cmb
          .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 21, , , True   ' Cut
          .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 19, , , True   ' Copy
          .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 22, , , True   ' Paste
          .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 210, , , True 'Sort Ascending
          .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 211, , , True 'Sort Decending
          ' Add the Find command.
        .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 141, , , True
        ' Start a new grouping and Add the Filter by Selection command.
        .Controls.Add(msoControlButton, 640, , , True).BeginGroup = True
        ' Add the Filter Excluding Selection command.
        .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 3017, , , True
        ' Add the filter Contains command.
        .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 10080, , , True 'Contains Selection
        ' Add the filter Does Not Contain command
        .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 10081, , , True 'Filter does not contains
      End With
  Set cmb = Nothing
End Function

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Bob LearnedCommented:
Here's a thought:

How to avoid error 3734

Cause: This error can occur when the database is automatically temporarily "promoted" from share mode to exclusive mode. This may happen when the VBA program changes something that Access wants to store within the MDE file, e.g. toolbar/menubar items (through Application.CommandBars).
What you are doing is a design change and design changes may only be made if the database is in exclusive use.  You MUST give each user his own personal copy of the FE for this to work.

To make that easy, create a batch file that copies the FE from the server down to the client's C: drive and then opens it.  Give each user a shortcut to the batch file on the server.  This allows you to change the FE and when people shut down and reopen, they get a new copy.  There are more sophisticated tools but this is quick and dirty and will suffice for your needs.

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upsfaAuthor Commented:
Went with a FE BE set up, Thanks.
upsfaAuthor Commented:
Went with a FE BE set up, Thanks.
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