Best cloud based spam filter?

We currently use an onsite Sonicwall spam filter appliance, and we've been having some pretty serious issues with it that Sonicwall seems incapable of fixing.

We're hoping to migrate to a hosted Exchange solution later this year, but between now and then we figured we could pretty easily move our spam filter to a cloud based system and get it out of our server room entirely.

So, are there any good cloud based spam filters we can use?
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I've heard SpamTitan's pretty good...
We use the Barracuda spam appliance and are very happy with it and they offer a cloud version of their product.

Might not be the cheapest solution out there but it is definitely one of the best.
donohoe1Author Commented:
Our current spam filter send the users a "spam summary" email once a day which lists all the possible spam caught in the last 24 hours and allows users to click a link to unjunk an email. Do any of the online services do something similar?
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
we are using the MS Exchange OnlineProtection and it's quite good. (this is standalone EOP, not part of full Office365). Price was good at the time.

integrates with AD so staff changes flow through quickly.
We user Mimecast which is completely cloud-based - no appliance in the data center.  We've used them for about three years and think they do a pretty good job.
We have been using spam titan for four years as a cloud service and it has been exceptional. They now do a hosted version  but we have stuck with our own virtual appliances running in a cluster.
You should consider the Trend hosted service. Have been using is for years and it blocks 99% of spam.

Take a look at:
Shabbir RaoCommented:
I once tried Xeams and I would say it worked really good for me. It is actually a mail server along with strong and effective spam filter. You can try it as well.
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