lenovo rd550 set raid as primary boot controller (AnyRAID 510i)

i am trying to configure a lenovo rd550 with raid, i can configure the raid with no problem, i just can't figure out how to set the raid device as the boot device. i have tried with the on-board 110i controller as well as a 510i add-on controller. same problem with both, i can configure it, but when it comes time to set it as a boot device, it does not show as a boot device. (in the boot order screen)

and of course, when i try to install windows 2008r2, even though i can load the driver, and it shows the raid drive i created in bios, the windows install says it can not be installed on that partition because it was not set as the default boot device in bios.

Sooo, seems like something simple, but i have been working on it for hours and still have no solution.
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chris_ntAuthor Commented:
the issue was resolved by updating the firmware on everything, and reflashing the bios
chris_ntAuthor Commented:
This is more of a rant, but also a more detailed outline of where I'm at:

So I spoke with Lenovo support, thinking it should be a quick call,  just tell me what switch to flip and be on my way. Well, not so much. They said to go into bios, go into TPM and install the operating system through it. What?

Ok, so maybe they replaced their install cd with something in flash on the system board. No, unless I am missing something the tpm is just a crappy “graphical interface” to the bios.  I looked through all the screens, no magic button to install the os with.  I did find every identical entry there was in the bios settings though. Albeit with a molasses in the winter snappiness. Why?

The anyraid 510i controller didn’t even come with an installation card, I had to figure out where it went in the server myself.  And hey, this is a 1u server, it didn’t just plug in a slot. Figure out which cables to use, which wasn’t fun either, since it comes with every cable it needs to fit in any server. No install guide on the net . Nothing.
Is it possible this server won’t support windows server 2008r2?

I just can’t believe that Lenovo couldn’t get me past this with one phone call.

Thanks for listening
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