Access Error 2467

Hi Experts,
I am having a problem with Access 2010 displaying Error 2467.  Specifically when Scenario 2 is completed.

I have checked various forums on the internet without success.

I have attached a copy of my application. It compiles without any problem.  I have stripped out most of the code etc. in an attempt to
narrow down possible legitimate causes of the error.  I believe that this is an Access bug.

When the application loads it displays Form {M-41-000].  Click the F-41-010 button (only this and the Close button work)
to display the form with the problem.  You can then try the following two scenarios to see what is happening.
Adding a new record works correctly.

Scenario 1 - Works
- Open form F-41-010] from a previous form (M-41-000] that supplies criteria to restrict the records available.
- Form [F-41-010] works correctly.  i.e. Scrolls through records etc. including allowing changes which are accepted (updated).
- Select Design Mode.  Form displays in Design Mode without Error 2467.
- Note that if data is changed and the record saved there is no error.

Scenario 2 - Error 2467
- Open form F-41-010] from a previous form (M-41-000] that supplies criteria to restrict the records available.
- Make a change to data in the form.  e.g. in the Org Level field.
- Don't save the data, just immediately select Design Mode.
- Error 2467 displays.
- Note that when the error is cleared and the form displays the changed data has been updated.
- Also note that the Calling Form referenced in the Q-41-010 is Open and the lookup query works.

I believe that what is happening is that Access when switching to Design Mode actually saves the record
but displays an erroneous message.  I also believe that I have only encountered this problem since the last MS Monthly Update in April.

Can you determine whether I am correct or have I some bad code and recommend a solution?

Bob C.
Bob CollisonSystem ArchitectAsked:
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
It's in the BeforeUpdate event:


But what's the problem? Just save the record before switching to designview.

Also, you could reduce that code to:

    If Nz(PERIOD_EVENT_GRP_REG_KEY, " ") <> " " Then

Bob CollisonSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Hi Gustav,

Thanks for the suggestion to simplify the line of code.

Also you have now confirmed that ensuring I save the record first will result in the data being processed correctly and that it appears that if I simply ignore the error the data is also processed correctly.  If this the case then is there really isn't an error and the error shouldn't display at all.

Also I assume that what you are saying is that the problem is that I am referencing the data in field [PERIOD_EVENT_GRP_REG_KEY] that has been previously set via a ComboBox Lookup (the Select Reg. Id.: field) using a Query (Q-41-010 - Event Group Registration Id Lookup).  If this is true I have been doing this for a long time without this error being displayed.  Am I therefore correct that something has recently changed with Access 2010 that now causes this?

Finally is there a method I can use to replace the one I'm using to eliminate the error or stop the displaying of the message?

Bob C.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
I don't know. I use A2013 so it is not special for A2010.

If you really have to be able to switch to designview during an update, I would just ignore the error. Another option would be to save the record - press Shift+Enter - before switching view.


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Bob CollisonSystem ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Hi Gustav,
Thanks for the information and solutions to for the various scenarios.

I have awarded the points.

Thanks again.
Bob C.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
You are welcome!

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