VDI Desktop Pool and use entitlement setup

I am setting up a VDI environment for about 100 users, We are going to use persistent desktops.

I have setup the environment with one connection server. the question is do I set up a separate pool for with a separate VM for each user? or is there a better way.

I there a way to create a pool where a VM gets created for each user the first time they connect. Remember I need each user to get the same VM each time they connect in

Also as a side issue The second VM I setup - which is based off a template of the first one is showing a protocol error, but i can still connect to that VM as expected.

Any ideas?

thank you all in advance
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Tell me more about your requirements so I can better help you.
1) How are you handling applications. Baked into the image, streamed, etc?
2) Will all the users desktops be the same, or each unique (different teams departments)?
3) Will all 100 users have the same work hours/shift and be logged in at the same time?

Generally, you want to create a "pool" by "group". So, you may have an image for 20 users that's for the marketing department. You'd create a pool for those 20 users, and then a different unique image for IT department and so on. Even if each group uses the same image some admins choose to separate out the teams so the can make a change and only roll it out 1 group at a time.

It also decreases the time it takes during a recompose if you have less in a pool. In your case, 100 is not much.

Yes, there's a setting for "automatic assignment", and "Dedicated". You would "entitle" the user group (or users) to the pool or more than one pool. The would then only have access to the pool. The first time the log in the will be assigned a desktop. If you select for them to be "dedicated" the will always get the same vDesktop. If you select "floating", they would get a different desktop each time, which is fine and has A LOT of pros. However you will need to setup persona management like AppSense to retain all their settings after the log off.
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gpradminAuthor Commented:
Thank you for you reply - all the applications are baked into the image. I'm not using thin app or any sort app virtualization at this point.  

For the most part each image will be different depending on the needs of that specific user. also for the most part everyone is working at the same time.

My understanding of persistent desktops is that each person gets there own VM that the "keep" and nothing is shared with anyone else and each VM is sandboxed from every other VM.

I understand what you are saying about the time to recompose each VM, but that is the project requirements at this point.
You could set up a single pool for all 100 users.  The first time a user logs into the pool, they will be assigned a machine and they will keep that machine until such time as you might need to rebuild it.

Depending on your work environment you may want to consider two pools of 50.  The only reason for this is that a persistent desktop pool takes a long time to rebuild since you are creating brand new FULL machines and not just inked clones. You will have to eventually rebuild the pool since you will probably want to update something on it at some point.  Consider having the user store files on a shared drive just in case, although it you use Persona management or some other tool their files should be stored in their profile.
If you are using different images, then doing 1 pool does not make any sense. You would want to do different pools according to department/image needs.

I know you have your mind set on Full Clones. However, I would recommend at least looking into "Linked Clones" as there are many advantages. You can also do both Full Clones and Linked Clones, you don't have to choose only 1 or the other.

Linked Clones (how to demo): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXkmHLoBOsY

Also, you may not know this, but you can do "persistent" linked clones too:
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