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Windows FAX and Scan Faxes partial fax and disconnects

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 FAX Server that intermittently terminates faxes mid-sending.  The error message is "The remote fax machine did not respond in time, and the call was terminated."  This typically happens when sending large faxes, (i.e. 30 - 100 pages in length).  I have not seen this occur with faxes of a few pages in length.  The problem is that I have seen successful 96 page faxes go as well, which is making this hard to figure out.  Also, the faxes in question are going to one fax number in particular.  I watch the sending page count as it is being faxed, and I'll see 8 or 9 pages being sent in windows fax and scan, and then it fails with the aforementioned message.  If I then print the faxes and send them to the same fax number using a traditional fax machine, it completes without incident.  The server is Windows 2008R2 and is running Fax Services being accessed via Windows Fax and Scan.  There are 2 modems attached via PCI and 1 USB modem attached for a total of three.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I would be inclined to agree, however if I then send from a standard fax machine, it goes through without incident.  I have to imagine that the receiver's fax number is actually a virtual number, since they must receive thousands of faxes a day, as they are a very large and busy medical clinic.  Also, I watch the call connect in the windows fax and scan window, and i see the number of pages sent being counted off, so it seems that the fax machine did in fact respond, as pages were being sent, and then it never completes.  Is that consistent with the error message I receive?  Does the remote fax machine have to respond to each page sent?  I don't know enough about how fax transmissions work to understand where exactly the failure is occuring.
all of the way through there is data going back and forth. you should really consider doing internet faxing.
Thanks, David.  What is different about Internet faxing vis a vis the recipient's fax machine?
Also, for large fax jobs, I would think that traditional fax lines end up being more cost effective than paying per page or having a contract for those kinds of services.
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