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Using the get-messagetracking powershell command for exchange is there a way - or any other way for that matter, to get email from a specific server that is allowed to relay through the connector?  We recently added a couple and need to investigate by ip if possible.

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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Using the get-messagetracking powershell command for exchange is there a way - or any other way for that matter, to get email from a specific server

Unfortunately this cannot be done. Message tracking only tracks messages that pass mail through the transport service on the specified Exchange environment. You cannot query other transport servers that are outside of your domain.

You can search via external sender or recipient etc but not specifically by another transport server in another domain.

bill_lynchAuthor Commented:
HI WIll,

Thanks for the quick response.  Perhaps I didn't word it right.  These are internal boxes that we have allowed to relay to the outside via a relay send connector.  Does that make a difference?
bill_lynchAuthor Commented:
Here is the command I tried but I haven't had any luck...

Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server servername -ResultSize unlimited | Select-Object ServerIP | Where{$_.ServerIP -eq "RFC1918IPADDR"}
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Are they Exchange Transport Servers or just Application Servers sending mail anonymously? You can only perform message tracking queries on Exchange servers that hold the Transport Service (Hub transport role).

Any other servers in the environment you will not be able to track messages specifically from that server. If this is what you are after you will want to enable SMTP Logging which will provide logs to see where the emails have been sent/generated from.


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bill_lynchAuthor Commented:
Rats, yeah these are linux machines.  I do believe we have verbose tracking enabled on the connector so I will see if I can dig through those.  I was hoping I could grab that information out of there in a nice easy way via powershell..
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