ipads and iphones encrypted

Are newer models of ipads and iphones by default encrypted?

We need to provide some assurance all of them are encrypted, but I am not sure how to go about this without manually checking. With windows devices i.e. bitlocker laptops, there are tools to prove their security status, but I am not sure how one old go about checking this on ipads and iphones? Can anyone thing of a technique without manually getting them all in to check?

Can you tell just by looking at the screen when the device is powered on if its encrypted or not, i.e. do the password prompt indicate the device is encrypted, or do you need to do some more analysis after the login process?

And finally how easy is it for a user to unencrypt/turn off encryption on the device? is this easily done?
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
In iOS the system is NOT encryped in total but a lot of key data is protected if you enable the passcode access

The security on iOS relates to pin or passcode protection .. if the device is left unattended or stolen then you can enable remote erase or multiple failed login attempts can erase the device.
Apple also offer two-step verification to prevent stolen devices from being reset without access to a secondary device or email.

Apple provide the following document on security on iOS for business
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