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Dell PowerConnect 7048P VLAN

I have to implement Dell PowerConnect 7048P into our existing configuration and I have trouble doing this. When nothing is configured on 7048P everything works fine. As soon as I introduce VLAN on any port it doesn't work. Also I need to configure Voice VLAN on some ports that I need to configure VLAN on. I found some articles however when I follow the instructions  it doesn't work in my environment.
So right now I am just trying to configure VLAN on the port so I can get this thing going with PC's. Then I will worry about the Voice VLAN latter,
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Current configuration is:
7048P port 48 is tagged and uplink to top level switch 5324 Access port. This works fine.
We also have bunch of other 5448 Dell switches (5) that are uplink this way to 5324 switch (on Trunk ports), One of those 5 switches have VLAN configure on some ports and that is working fine.
Note this also, if I plug 7048P in 5324 (top level switch) in Trunk port, it doesn't work. It has to be plugged in Access port in order to work. But all other switches are plugged into Trunk port and they work.
Top level switch is then uplink to Layer 3 switch. They are all aware of all VLAN's so for right now I am trying to put another switch in and configure VLAN on it (7048P). Once that is done then I will worry about configuring Voice VLAN on it.
Those are the same vlans that I am trying to configure on 7048P. but for some reason it is not working. :(
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Can you port the 7048p config as it is when you feel it should work please?
We figure it out. It was a native vlan that was changed on 5324. instead of native 1 it was native 10. Once I switched that on 7048P it worked fine.

hurraaaa!!  welldone :)


I figure it out.