Does anyone have recommendations for MICR fonts (for printing checks), MICR toner, and printers that will print the MICR line on checks reliably?

What problems have you run into printing on blank check stock?
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Any MICR font should be okay.

Any reputable toner manufacturer should be fine for getting your toner from.

Many laser printers - especially HP - have MICR toner available.  Some aftermarket refillers will re-fill your toner cartridge with MICR toner.

The caveat with MICR checks is that there are very specific guidelines on element placement.  The MICR line has to be within certain tolerances above the bottom, and from the left of the check's edges.  Most equipment can read MICR lines outside of those tolerances, but some can't and your checks will be rejected if the bank can't read them.  

There's a special gauge that will help you determine if you're within tolerance.  You should keep one on hand.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Magnetic ink is not a legal or industry requirement for checks in the USA, though it apparently is in some other parts of the world.  I print my checks on forms using a laser printer with standard toner.  The bank has never complained.

MICR technology has been adopted in many countries, with some variations. ... Although compliance with MICR standards is voluntary in the United States, their use with cheques is almost universal.

If you are going to be printing on a small scale, e.g. for a business, you might look at the VersaCheck web site, which has supplies, software and printers which are MICR compliant.
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