Exchange 2013 mailbox migrations: "TotalStalledDueToHADuration" stats cause massive delays

Hi, all!  Platform is Exchange 2013 DAG at two sites, older Ex2010 stand-alone servers at both locations.

I'm currently migrating my Ex2010 mailboxes to Exchange 2013 at a single site (no WAN traffic movement) and the migrations are taking considerably longer than I anticipated due to stalls.  In checking moves in-progress with Get-MoveRequestStatistics commandlet I'm seeing that the "TotalStalledDueToHADuration" stats are easily comprising 80-85% of the total run time of the move requests.  There are also stalls due to Write Throttling, but considerably less.

In Google'ing and searching TechNet I can't find a single reference to tell me exactly what the "HA Duration" stat is, let alone what is actually causing an issue.  Can anyone give me in any information on this stat?  Mailboxes that should only take a few hours are taking all night due to these specific stalls.  Otherwise the Exchange servers (both 2010 and 2013 at that site) are performing perfectly.

Steve In NV
Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAsked:
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Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Update: started a single large mailbox move last night after disabling DAG replication; not a single record was moved.  Log shows ONLY the move request was submitted, nothing else.  Stopped that job, paused Content Indexing (just in case), started two small mailbox moves.  Again, not a single thing was done.  Job log only shows that the job was submitted, absolutely nothing else.  Cancelled those jobs, restarted Content Indexing and DAG replication, started a single small job.  Guess I'll wait a couple hours and see if it works or is completely hosed.  Replication and search services and running fine (and in fact I've restarted them just to be on the safe side).
Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Update: I've found a single reference indicating that DAG replication occurs DURING copy operations, so I think replication between the two sites may be causing the delays I'm seeing (DAG replication wasn't disabled for the moves).  Would love to hear anyone's input on this as well.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You can try running the Mailbox Migration Performance Analysis to get more detailed info on the mailbox moves. This link also provides the different errors a long with explanations.

Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Will, thanks for replying!

I've already downloaded the script at the above article, but it didn't work during last night's migrations.  I'll be trying it again tonite with a larger mailbox (15G), but I'll also have DAG replication shut off during that time.  I'll be very interested to see the results of the single-mailbox run tonite.

Steve BottomsSr Network AdminAuthor Commented:
Closing this question as there has been no solution forthcoming.  At this point I can find no information whatsoever on the "HADuration" metric, various tweaks on the Exchange 2013 system have either zero effect on the problem or cause other more substantial problems.  I am just doing one mailbox migration at a time since that appears to be getting the job finished quickest, even given that 50% or more of the total mailbox migration durations are lag due to something being reported within the "HADuration" metric.  Problem at this point is not worth spending $250 on for a call to Microsoft.
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