upgrade to Cisco Equipment or get rid of it

I'm not super new to cisco routers and firewalls and have some knowledge of how to use them and program them just not super tech savvy on some of it. below is my current configuration that I have from the previous IT person that was here, I have upgraded the Firewall and local lan switches but that is about it. I just need to know if what I have is no good and should I replace it with something newer and or different product.

I'll start from the Top:

1.) Cisco 2621 Router
      ISP public IP 67.xx.xx.xxx = e0/1
      e0/0 = our public IP 199.x.xxx.xxx (goes down to port 17 on 2950)

2.) Cisco 2950:
      Port 17 = e0/0 our public IP 199.x.xxx.xxx goes into this port from 2621 on top
      port 1 = goes to the Public Interface on Cisco VPN Concentrator 3000
      Port 3 = goes into port e0/0 on Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall

3.) ASA 5510:
     e0/0 = from 2950 up above
     e0/1 - goes to Cisco 3500XL
     e0/3 - goes to a Cisco 3500XL which is the Lan port for ASA

4.) Cisco 3500xl
      Port 1 = e0/3 from ASA 5510 above

5.) Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator
      Public VPN port = comes from 2950 above
      Private VPN port = goes down to Cisco 3500xl below

6.) Cisco 3500xl
      Port 1 = e0/1 from ASA 5510 above
      Port 2 = Private VPN port above
      Port 4 = Point to Point 2610 cisco router
      Gigabyte Port = Goes down to Cisco 6506 switch

7.) Avaya Stack Switches (all used for Local Lan)
     Port 48 = Goes down to Cisco 6506 switch

8.) Avaya Switch (printer switch vlan 162)
      Port 48 = Goes down to Cisco 6506 switch

9.) Cisco 3500xl (voip switch vlan 155)
     Gigabyte port = Goes down to Cisco 6506 switch)

10.) Avaya switch (server switch vlan 200)
       Port 24 = Goes down to Cisco 6506 switch)

11.) Cisco 6506 switch (does this hold all the vlans?)
        Port 3 = Goes up to number 9 switch (VOIP switch 155 vlan)
        Port 8 = Goes up to number 8 switch (Printer switch 162 vlan)
        Port 10 = Goes up to number 7 switch (users switch 160 vlan)
        Port 11 = Goes up to number 6 switch (3500xl gigabyte port)
        Port 12 = Goes up to number 10 switch (server switch 200 vlan)

Any suggestions on what should be done on this type of setup or what shouldn't be done, Also where are the vlans configured at, is it on the 6506 switch?
Neogeo147IT Systems AdminAsked:
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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
You may want to start by considering how old the equipment is.  For example:

Cisco 2621 router   End of Support was 2008
Cisco 2950 switch   End of support was 2013
Cisco 3000 VPN concentrator    End of support was 2012

You should lookup the rest and factor into your decision.  I would consider replacing.
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