800MB+ SQL file for Wordpress to Cpanel/phpMyadmin on CentOS VPS

Good Evening,

I am using a CentOS server with Cpanel and trying to work out the best way to migrate some Wordpress sites.

One of the sites has a SQL database of 800MB+ which phpMyadmin is struggling with in-browser.

Is there a fool-proof way to upload this SQL and get this Wordpress installation up & running?

Any help appreciated :)
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If you can export it using phpMyAdmin (using compression to GZip-Compressed), then you can try the tool "bigdump" to import it.
Mitchell MilliganInformation Technology Network AdministratorCommented:
Do you have WHM access on the destination end of the move?  If so, you could export the cpanel account by doing a full backup in cpanel and then importing it in WHM.  That would take the load off of the browser and place it on the server instead.
Mitchell MilliganInformation Technology Network AdministratorCommented:
Or just do a sql backup through cpanel and then restore the cpanel backup of the mysql database in the destination if you just want that part of it.
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