I can't control my mouse anymore

IT is very weird what is it happening to my pointer. it seems like if there is a magnet that attract my pointer to the bottom right corner of the second screen. It is a new virus ? i have never seen something like this before. i tried last known good but it didn't fix the problem. If i stat in save mode the mouse works perfectly. I am using a wired mouse now and it still the problem persist.

I am  using Windows 7 64 bit. the computer is protected and had no viruses at least until now maybe!!

i Can't work can someone help me as soon as possible ? Any idea ho to fix this.

Thank you
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Is this the same pc involved in your recent questions with the malware? If so, consider...
- Save user's data
- Reinstall Windows

Or, at a minimum...
- Save user's data
- Make new user profile
- Logon new profile
- Copy data
- Delete old profile

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ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Hello New village,

no this is my personal pc :(

It just happened i just restore to a previous point and still it didn't fix the problem ?? how is that possible ?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you had a different mouse, and if this computer is a laptop, then there should be mouse driver software on the computer (likely in Control Panel, Programs and Features).

Can you uninstall the mouse software, download the same or newer version and install again.

Also, a Windows Mouse is very fundamental to Windows. Try System File Checker:

Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW.
Allow to complete, restart or, preferably, shut down the computer and then start up again.
Test to see if the problem has been corrected.

Once done, go to Control Panel, Mouse, review and set the mouse settings.
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ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
very smart move creating a new profile...the only option have is to create a new profile in save mode...let me try
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
ok, new village and John thank you for helping me in this ...

i created a new profile still the pointer keep disappearing. I am not surprise because restoring the OS didn't fix it.

John i tired there different mice, it's not the mouse..it's something else...when I move the mouse i can see the pointer behind  the coming out a little bit then it goes back to the bottom...have you ever heard about someting like this ?
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
can i run file checker in save more is the only way i can use the mouse ?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try SFC and mouse driver as per my earlier post.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Yes, you can run SFC in Safe Mode. Give it a try and please let us know.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
John I am running the scan in safe mode now ... Of course I let you know :) I can't work ! :) thanks...
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Ok the scan didn't find any violation ...no improvement...

Any other suggestions? please ..

I know this is taugh..
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The next step is a Windows 7 Repair Install. You need a working recovery partition or the Windows 7 DVD. Here is a Seven Forums tutorial to assist.

ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
But restoring to a previous restore point shouldn't be able to fix the issue ?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Not necessarily. There may be a different corruption.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
this is going to be painful to rebuilt this pc :(
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Windows Repair Install does not require you to rebuild the PC. I only hope it can help.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Ok now I know what you are talking about let me try that ...
This is a typical thing that happens very often when the PC overheats. Clean out all dust, make sure the fans work. It is also very common particularly on Notebooks, where the touchpad or stick themselves can get pretty warm. Sometimes an external mouse can help here, provided you can turn the internal mice off in the PC's BIOS.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Hello everyone, nothing worked. This is my main home/office PC and spent more then half day troubleshooting this issue. I rebuilt the computer.... Now the mouse works... I am wondering is really some unique viruses got into my PC because I have never seen something like that before. I am writing from my cell because I am still half way rebuilding my PC. Tomorrow j will assign he points. Thank you as usual for all your suggestions.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Viruses are a possibility although you work for yourself and are probably more careful than most.

Before long, get a good USB Hard Drive, a copy of Symantec Ghost or Acronis, and a couple of good USB keys.

Make a bootable USB key (the vendor should have instructions - Symantec does), boot from the USB key, attach the USB Hard Drive and make a bootable image of your newly built system on the USB Hard Drive. Update the image once a quarter or once each 6 months.

Then you have an easier way to get going.
Did you really reinstall windows because of the mouse issue? Wow.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
When "nothing works", reinstall is often faster.
I highly disagree.

There are plenty of options instead of the EASY fix of reinstalling.

Reinstalling is way to often a suggestion on these boards.Disappointing.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have fixed many problems on many computers and I can reinstall a Windows computer faster than getting bogged down in a black hole.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
The fact that it was fine in safe mode, but not in normal, pretty much proves that it was a driver problem. So, the next question is: how do you overwrite this?  Could be simple, could be evil...

Sometimes "Nuke the area from orbit" is the best way,
or, trying to get to the root cause can eat your life.  But, you may get lucky.  

I once spent 3 days straight on a Dell that refused to believe that it had USB ports.   Booted fine: but no mouse, no kbd. Software issue, parallel install to new hdd was perfect.  

We can't call right or wrong here:  we're not in front of it, or working in test conditions on identical machines.  We give our advice, and we move on.....
"The fact that it was fine in safe mode, but not in normal, pretty much proves that it was a driver problem."

That is by no means true. In safe mode, much less is started and running than in normal mode. Only what is absolutely needed is running and active. This includes malware, which in safe mode usually isn't active, but also other processes. In normal mode there are many more processes running, that heats up the system (and in my comment high temperature is a typical cause of the mouse pointer's behavior). A PC started in safe mode runs much cooler.

The new installation means that probably a lot of software that was previously automatically running on the PC isn't installed yet, or not set to start at bootup, and also malware will still be out of the equation that may have been running on the previous setup. So that also means the system would very likely still be running a lot cooler than it did before. So for the moment it looks OK.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Guys, I go along with John's Theory if after 10hours for lost work and I tried every suggestion I have received to dix it,  to me was much worthy to rebuilt the computer as fast as possible. In addition It had some other issues that now rebuilding the pc are gone.

I am helping people every day but this time I wasn't able to find a solution to my own PC :).

Join a Union please stay around I am asked to fix all kind of issues every day and many times I truly need some help even to start troubleshooting the issue. In some instance I can't rebuilt the Pc so your advices will be very welcomed.

Thank you everyone...
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