Simple configuration for Extreme Networks x250e-48p switch

Greetings all

I've acquired one of these switches for a modest outlay with the sole intent of using it to experiment with VoIP telephony, as its PoE capability means that the various phones I'm deploying don't need AC adapters in order to work. However, in its time it was a high-end device, such that it appears to need extensive configuration before it will do anything useful. All I want it to do is to supply power to the phones (which it does) and pass DHCP packets between an external DHCP server and the phones (which it doesn't). The comprehensive security features of the switch aren't relevant to my situation, but the version of ExtremeXOS it's running (12.0.2) is hard to find relevant documentation for, and what there is seems to assume that the switch itself is providing the DHCP server role.
Are there any experts out there who are versed in the black art of configuring these switches with this version of its OS? Basically, I want it to function with the simplicity of an unmanaged switch while supplying power to half a dozen different SIP phones. The information I have managed to find seems inconsistent, although the phones consistently aren't able to obtain IP addresses from the DHCP server in the router acting as the gateway to the internet.

A simple "Type in these commands and it will work" is all I'm looking for at present, though some understanding of what they do would be a bonus.
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PerarduaadastraAuthor Commented:
This was like hitting my head against the wall - it felt good only when I stopped... However, I have finally got the DHCP working with the phones. This is what I did:

Created two VLANs. I suspect that two are needed apart from the default ones (even though I'm using only one) so that IP unicasting will function correctly.
Assigned an IP address and netmask to the VLAN I wanted to use. This address was in the subnet serviced by the external DHCP server but outside its address pool.
Configured a default route to the gateway.
Enabled IP forwarding.
Enabled RIP. I'm not sure that this was necessary as there were no other routers or routes to consider, but better safe than sorry...
Enabled the DHCP/BOOTP relay function. This procedure I lifted straight from the documentation that I was able to find, only to discover that the function has to be configured before it can be enabled - the opposite to what was stated.
I then enabled the DHCP relay agent option 82 feature and saved all changes.

Ta-daaah! It all worked!

Perhaps I was a bit hasty in posting this question in the first place, but it was very late and I'd been struggling with the switch for quite a while.

I suppose I've been spoiled by PoE switches from manufacturers like Netgear that just work without the having to throw bones and read the entrails of a chicken, but to be fair the products of Extreme Networks and Netgear are aimed at very different sectors of the market, and I simply fell victim to the sophistication and complexity of what is basically an enterprise switch.

However, the account of my voyage of discovery might help someone else in the future, so rather than delete the question I've let it stand. If a moderator thinks otherwise, then that's fine.

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PerarduaadastraAuthor Commented:
Worked it out myself in the end...
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