Scrum:  Change requirements or New Products

Anthony Lucia
Anthony Lucia used Ask the Experts™
I have been reading the Scrum Guide, and it seems to imply that Scrum is used primarily on products undergoing revision.  

Is Scrum used on the creation of new products (where the Waterfall has been traditionally used?)

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Jessica RigaProducer
Yes, Scrum is useful to use for both developing new products as well as revisions. Using Scrum instead of Waterfall you can expect a much quicker time to market!
Senior Software Engineer (Avast)
I agree with Jessica, I've worked exclusively with Scrum for the last 12 years and in each case it's been working on new developments. The important thing to remember is that Scrum trades completed features for time. With Waterfall you don't release until all features are complete and this (often) means pushing back release deadlines. With Scrum the focus is always delivering (at least) beta quality increments at the end of each sprint and so, in theory, each sprint could be a new release (subject to QA). Basically, with Scrum you stick to your release deadlines but you may fall short of features, which will then be rolled into the next release.

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