add colored shadow in AI CS5

Hi, I thought this was asked and answered, but it turns out I need more help.  I'm using Adobe Illustrator CS5.

That's the eps I'm working with. The problem is, the client wants the shadow to be a darker blue. He really wants it to be as bright as the shadow under the planet, but in a darker color, closer to the continents in the globe.

So, I either need help:

1. Creating a copy of the letters in blue, that looks exactly like the drop shadow I have, but is bluer.
2. Finding a way to make the drop-shadow itself more blue. I've tried turning the darkness to 0, but it does not stay at 0 when I'm using a color.
3. Some other magical way that you know of to create the blue shadow.

Thanks in advance!
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I would suggest that Illustrator isn't usually very good at soft feathered drop shadows ( or similar elements).

The best way to make the drop shadow would be to create the field in Photoshop which would allow many methods of creating good drop shadows. If you use a vector smart object (created form the line art components in this file) you would have layer styles as an option to create the drop shadow. By keeping the artwork as a vector smart element you will be able to create a master file that can be rescaled as required.
mel200Author Commented:
Thanks. I ended up going to, and someone there did what I needed for $5.50.  Easy solution!
mel200 you were welcome to use my examples for free if they were suitable.  :)
I'd even have fixed them to your requirements if it had helped.
from your previous question. 
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mel200Author Commented:
Thanks, Merete! I really needed to have it in illustrator, but yours were perfect otherwise.
mel200Author Commented:
A B because neither helped me with illustrator, which was what I needed.
Thanks mel200 didn't expect any points for this offering of  assistance, it seems no one uses AI for this purpose but if it helps I did source this video, it looks interesting and uses similar methods as I did, I click on the colour button to bring up the colour swatches
Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - How To Make Professional Drop Shadows

To add the Drop Shadow effect to an illustration, follow these steps:
Colour and Darkness:
Select the Colour radio button to choose a custom colour for the drop shadow. Select the Darkness radio button to add more black to the drop shadow. Zero percent is the lowest amount of black, and 100 percent is the highest.

As a default, the color of the shadow is based on the color of your object, sort of — the Darkness option also has a play in this task. As a default, the shadow is made up of the color in the object if it’s solid. Multicolored objects have a gray shadow.

Just adding for your benefit, all the best with it
mel200Author Commented:
Thanks, I appreciate all your input!
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