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I am looking into how we can create a phone system for our company using SIP. We 30 have people based in 3 offices around the world and plan to have a large number of independent advisors who we will provide apple laptops to. The advisors will be seeing clients etc on the road. We are mainly based in Panama but have offices in London / Monaco, the advisors who travel will be in Panama and other Latin American countries

We want to have telephone system that connects everyone using the internet for voice , messaging , etc etc

As you can see I am new to this any help is appreciated in terms of software and providers who can help

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You should look for an consultant or an solution provider. I don't know if an ISP could offers you services world wide, but you do not need a single Internet provider. You could have different providers, another for each country.

There are PABXs which offers you what you need. You can install open source solution like Asterisk, or Lync from Microsoft, or a IP PABX from Cisco for example. If you have no experience it is better to have a solution provider in order to view the whole picture with needs, hardware & software requirements, budgets, budgets, etc.

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