best resolution for laptop connected to a 55" tv

Hi I have a laptop connected to an RCA 55" 1080p 120 hz tv. For optimal resolution what is the best setting to set the laptop display driver at?
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What type of output does the laptop have? HDMI? If so, use HDMI. The laptop should automatically find and set the best resolution for the connected TV (1920x1080 as already has been mentioned).

But as your laptop's display probably has a lower resolution, and  the displays are set to "Clone" mode, which is the default setting usually, your TV's resolution will be set to the same as the laptop's display (clone is an exact copy of the 2 displays, so they both have to use the same resolution, and this means mode of the less good display is used). If you want to use the TV's full resolution, either disable the internal display, or extend the desktop to the TV, so that clone mode isn't used.
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
1920x1080 is the resolution of the screen and the laptop should be set to same. Frequenzy does not matter if you connect via DVI or HDMI, even on VGA it does not matter. Set it lower and the image is more smooth and not so blur as less signal loss on the analog VGA cable.
hydrive1902Author Commented:
1600 x 900 is the highest it will let me set it to, is there a way to get it higher or is it because the laptop doesn't have a good enough video card?

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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Or the video memory is set to low, so you may go to the bios and check how much video ram is assigned, 32MB should be more than enough.

But I also think its in clone mode.

If its not colne mode or to less Graphics ram assigned in BIOS you may try to update the graphics griver.
hydrive19022015-05-02 at 17:38:23ID: 40755937
1600 x 900 is the highest it will let me set it to, is there a way to get it higher or is it because the laptop doesn't have a good enough video card?

The pic shows you have selected a Digital Television 42 TV

As per your info. 1600 x 900 is the highest that you can use when connected to this TV,
Select your 55" TV and then select the highest resolution possible.
The highest resolution is the best setting.
hydrive1902Author Commented:
thanks everyone! it was set to clone mode when I switched it to make the tv the primary, it allowed me to change the resolution to 1080. Not sure why it showed up as a 42" tv on the screenshot, but maybe I had another setting enabled or something.

Thanks very much!
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