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I am using the default project list template in SharePoint 2010. the top manager will create a project and assign to someone else (manager), this manager breakdown this project into tasks and assign each task to one or more employee.
the top manager is a head of 5 departments (means 5 different subsites)

until here we don't have a problem, I've created the list under the main site so everyone in all departments (5 subsites) can see his tasks.
the problem is the project list's permission is on the list level, not on the project level. So everybody that has permission to access this list will be able to read all projects in the list not only his projects or his tasks which we don't want

my question is, can we permit the only people "created the project, created the tasks and whom the project are assigned to them" only to see this project?

I really don't know how to do that, and I appreciate your help.

kind regards,
Mohamed ElSheikhAsked:
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Mohamed ElSheikhAuthor Commented:
To workaround, I've created separate project list in each subsite, and the top manager should create the new project is subsite instead of one project list in the main site.
Any better idea, or any solution for the first scenario one project list in the main site and grant permission for each project

Mohamed ElSheikhAuthor Commented:
One more thing I forgot to tell you. I don't have Visual studio, SharePoint designer installed in my computer and not allow to install any of them
I don't use SharePoint workflows, I use Nintex in SharePoint. It is possible in Nintex so it should work in SharePoint workflows. On creation of the item, the workflow should be kicked off and first breaking the inheritance and setting the permissions of the 'Created By' field and the people in the 'Assigned To' field. You shouldn't need code for this. A workflow should accomplish this.
Mohamed ElSheikhAuthor Commented:
thank you for your comments. As I mentioned before I don't have SharePoint Designer or Visual studio, so I used my workaround scenario
thank you all for your help
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