Exchange 2013 installation fails to create IIS Virtual Directory, server 2008 R2

Can someone please help me with this error?

The following error was generated when "$error.Clear();
          $vdirName = "PowerShell";
          $InternalPowerShellUrl="http://" + $RoleFqdnOrName + "/powershell";
          new-PowerShellVirtualDirectory $vdirName -Role Mailbox -InternalUrl $InternalPowerShellUrl -DomainController $RoleDomainController -BasicAuthentication:$false -WindowsAuthentication:$false -RequireSSL:$false -WebSiteName "Default Web Site" -AppPoolId "MSExchangePowerShellFrontEndAppPool";
          new-PowerShellVirtualDirectory $vdirName -Role Mailbox -DomainController $RoleDomainController -BasicAuthentication:$false -WindowsAuthentication:$true -RequireSSL:$true -WebSiteName "Exchange Back End" -Path ($RoleInstallPath + "ClientAccess\PowerShell-Proxy");
        " was run: "An error occurred while creating the IIS virtual directory 'IIS://' on 'HCPAEXC'.".
Shawn NickellAsked:
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Shawn NickellAuthor Commented:
Well ended up having to go with MS Tech support.  They uninstalled exchange and every windows feature then did the install from the command line and 6 hours later all is well.
Well commands looks OK and it should work. Did you checked the event logs to see any hints there ?
Shawn NickellAuthor Commented:
problem solved by MS
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