Outlook 2007 - attachments showing up that shouldn't be there (weren't sent)

Weird problem - not sure how this happened.

Got an email yesterday that had a single attachment (a document).  I saved the document, made modifications to it, and replied to the email attaching the modified document.

Today I was looking through my inbox, and the email that I received yesterday (with the original document on it - a single attachment), now has FIVE attachments.  It has the original attachment, three of the same attachment that I replied to the email with, and a fifth attachment that's an icon from my desktop.

I am using Microsoft hosted exchange, so I logged into the web portal to check the email, and sure enough the email shows up there as well with 5 attachments (it's possible it happened in Outlook and then synchronized back to the web access).

The person that sent the email to me initially was my sister, and she logged into her email (live.com) and on her end it shows only a single attachment was sent to me.

It's got me very concerned - Not sure how this happened, but in Outlook there are definitely attachments on that email that it's impossible exist.

In fact, saving one of the three duplicate attachments on the email, the create date of the attachment is after the receipt of the email. (see screenshot)

I've run several types of malware scans, and can't detect anything on the computer.

It's really got me worried.

Open to any ideas.  Not sure if this will help diagnose the problem, but I have several outlook profiles set up.  This is the only thing I've noticed, so it could be happening elsewhere I just haven't noticed yet.
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Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
Microsoft couldn't figure it out after three tiers of support.  They confirmed there was no OST corruption, no issues with the Outlook client, but somehow it happened.  Closed as they chalked it up to an anomaly.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
ever tried asking your sister to resend or forward the original email to you again, with that single document attached and to the same address as previous? try doing the same thing from your side once received the email, and see what could happen.

one more thing to clarify, how could you determine the icon (the 5th attachment) was only from your desktop? impossible from other sources? why?
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
I didn't ask her to resend the original email to me again; wasn't something I thought of, but I'm certain if she did it would come across as the problematic email did at first - with just the single attachment.

Impossible from another source because the 5th icon is a RDP shortcut that I have set up to RDP to another computer on my network - the file name, the destination IP, etc. are unique to me.  It's a file that's been on my desktop for a few weeks.
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
but I'm certain if she did it would come across as the problematic email did at first

you also need to the modify the file as what you did previously...

Impossible from another source because the 5th icon is a RDP shortcut ... on my desktop for a few weeks

if so you better scan your system for malware or virus, and if necessary also monitor the system for any suspicious activities.
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
I've run several malware/virus scanners (Adaware, Microsoft, Malwarebytes, etc) and nothing detected
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
any unknown or suspicious process shown in the Task Manager? better use Process Explorer to check.

Process Explorer v16.05
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
Nope - and I've gone through multiple emails with attachments; can't see anything wrong with any of them except this one.

I engaged Microsoft tech support, and they can't figure it out either.

One thing worth noting is I use 'extra outlook' to run two profiles at the same time (two separate instances of Outlook).  I've used this for years without issue so I don't suspect it has anything to do with it, but still throwing it out there.
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately no one had the correct comment, and Microsoft couldn't figure it out either
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