what is this error means in Python? EOF while scanning triple-quoted string literal?

any one know how to fix this error and what is this error?
vishnu kalakotaAsked:
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EOF means End-Of-File. So there is a string literal (a text between quotes) that is unfinished. Looks like you forget to close a quote.

In Phyton it's possible to create a triple-quoted string, which is a text surronded by three quotes on each side (three at the beginning and three at the end). This kind of string can be multi-lined (using more than one line). So I guess you forgot to add """ (three quotes) at the end of the string in order to close this triple quoted string.

Hope this helps. regards.
Mark BradyPrincipal Data EngineerCommented:
Another thing to look at. Is your long string broken up into different lines or is it all on one line? You may be running into a line that is too long so the parser sees something like this...

""" this is a long string blah blah....

If this happens you will get that error. You can escape EOL (End of line) characters with a single forward slash.

""" this is a string of text /
this is another line of text/
finally the end of the string """

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vishnu kalakotaAuthor Commented:
Got it
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