Too Many DVDs, - burn to ISO and playable

Hi Guys

we have sooo many dvds so thinking to burn them to PC somehow either iso files maybe and then if possible play them when needed? but would that mean we have to extract the iso all time to play? or would it play instantly but say right click iso and play or something. Ideally wanted something as easy as that if possible?
Sundeep VAsked:
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Creating .ISOs will retain all the bonus features, closed captions etc but will also result in the biggest use of HDD storage space.  You're probably better "ripping" them to video files which means you'll just retain the movies (but initially lose subtitles including those in your own for foreign language sections).  File sizes can then be compressed to 1-2GB depending on the playback quality you find acceptable.

The tricky part is to do both you'll probably need to circumvent any region-locking/copyright protection on the disks which is designed specifically to prevent this kind of thing and is exactly the kind of thing that the site guidelines prevent us publishing in a public forum (despite explicit guidance being available across the Web).

.ISOs of DVDs will need mounting to play so there's a small delay while that happens but the TS files inside will then be decoded by most media players - subject to the Region/Protection issues above.

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With DVD's, do you mean data DVD's or those with movies/videos on them? Making iso's of data DVD's is usually no problem (although there are exceptions, like many games), but many commercial movie DVD's are copy protected, so you can't just make iso's or copies from them, and expect them to work when you try to use the iso's or copies.

Many laws allow you to make backup copies of your media, but they don't allow you to circumvent copy protections, or software that could do that is banned, so if a CD/DVD is copy protected, you can't create iso's or backups.

Besides that, in order to play movie DVD's on your TV you'd, need a media device to play them, like a PC connected to the TV, or a streaming device. This can increase your costs as you need extra hardware...
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Once you have overcome the legal/technical hurdle of converting your DVDs to MPG/AVI/MKV/MP4/etc files,
there is a cheap solution to playing them in HD with 6 channel sound and optional SRT-File subtitles.
Buy one of these and get a HD lead (and an Optical Toslink if you have surround sound).
I've bought six of them so far.
You may as well buy yourself a spare 64gig flashdrive from zoombits - they are a reliable company.

OR Simply buy a multi-disk DVD player such as ....
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Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
If the DVDs contain files and not commerical movies, then you can mount the ISO discs using a tools such as Daemon Tools or Virtual CloneDrive from SlySoft, and open and play the files directly. NB: Windows 8 or later has this feature built in.
I keep all my video on my 4 x  2 terrabyte USB HDD. Even the entire VIDEO_TS folder will play as is.
So long as it has no copyrights.
Plug that  USB cable onto TV USB socket.
Put TV onto menu choose Apps then movies. You should see  screen that offers Photos, Music, Video,Text.
Like this
TV MenueFor mp4 I use a raspberry pi.
Sundeep VAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for all your help. I have used all the above in my set up plan taken bits from all your replies :) most of the dvds were personal dvds films so no copyright issue.

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