Migration from O365 tenant for Exchange Online


I have an O365 account with 80 mailboxes that I need to migrate from tenant1 to tenant2
Only Exchange Online is beeing used, no SharePoint, no Office online

Microsoft domain in tenant1 is tenant1.onmicrosoft.com
company domain is acme.com
Mail accounts are xyz@acme.com

Microsoft domain in tenant2 is tenant2.onmicrosoft.com
company domain will be acme.com
Mail accounts will be xyz@acme.com

I have to migrate acme.com (and all email addresses xyz@acme.com) from MS tenant1 to MS tenant2
80 emails addresses xyz@acme.com are in use and "down time" has to be minimum

I noticed that I cannot even register acme.com in MS tenant2 without deleting acme.com from MS tenant1.
When I change DNS in acme.com for tenant2 it tells me that acme.com is already registered in tenant1...and that I need to "delete" acme.com from tenant1....

I only use Exchange Online (80 mailboxes). No SharePoint, No office online applications

What is the good procedure to migrate from tenant1 to tenant2 ?
How do I delete acme.com from tenant1 since all mailboxes are configured with acme.com? Manually? non automatic procedure?

THank you
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
why didn't you just add that subscription to your existing subscription? You can have multiple subscriptions.
gadsadAuthor Commented:
unfortunately is it not possible for commercial reasons
Tenant1 is payed to ISP1 and tenant2 is payer to ISP2 (that is how things are in France)
I have to find a technical answer to this problem
gadsadAuthor Commented:
thank you
THe process was very complicated but migration is now over
Microsoft does not have a migration path from tenant 1 to tenant 2
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