Network card disabled in BIOS by boot

Using a new Dell Precision M2800 which has been installed with the users software that works without issue on other Dell machines this problem happens.

On POST you have to enter the BIOS and enable the network  card. Once done you can boot into windows 7 fine. The network card is in the devices manager and all is OK.

If you restart the machine or put it to sleep, once back into Window the network card is no longer on. It does not appear in device manger and the only way to enable it is to go into the BIOS and boot up again.

I've booted into safe mode and this doesn't happen which makes me think its a program or service.

Any ideas how I may troubleshoot this.

As I said, on the old laptop, a different model Dell, the software installed is the same as this and there isn't a problem.

I've updated the BIOS and tried disabling the services used by installed software.

Any ideas?
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richard1966Author Commented:
Note - The wifi is not effected.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Running BIOS A05?
Are you saying the BIOS setting is not retained or that you just need to go into the BIOS and restart to correct this?
In the BIOS are you changing it to Enabled or to Enabled/PXE?
Have you already reinstalled the driver in Windows?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The Wi-Fi is not effected.  <-- Get a new driver for the wired network card, uninstall the old driver and install the new driver.

Now run TCP/IP Refresh.

Open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator
Then  netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
Also, ipconfig /flushdns followed by net stop dnscache followed by net start dnscache
Then restart the computer
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richard1966Author Commented:
Hello MASQ

Running BIOS A05? - Yes
Are you saying the BIOS setting is not retained or that you just need to go into the BIOS and restart to correct this? - The BIOS setting is not retained.
Have you already reinstalled the driver in Windows?  - Yes I have.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You might have to consider formatted and reinstalling Windows
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Were you using the BIOS setting that includes PXE?

You might also want to try uninstalling the Dell packaged NIC Drivers and installing the generic Intel ones

Do you recall which version of BIOS you had previously?

If it was A03 or better could you try a *downgrade* to A02 (available here) ?*

Both the Precisions and Optiplexes with the Intel Ethernet I217-LM chipset are affected and this predominantly affects detection of the card when restarting, especially Wake-on-LAN functions. This was broken with A03 - A05 on both boards and has yet to be fixed.

If you don't see a difference I'd consider RMA to Dell or at least giving their Tech's notice about this - despite the fact that SafeMode works this is likely to turn out to be a workaround for a firmware/BIOS issue.

*These Dell systems allow you to both downgrade and upgrade BIOSes at will.

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richard1966Author Commented:
MASQ - Thanks for the suggestions - I did try and downgrade from A05 to A02 but I get an error message saying it is an unsupported downgrade.

I will go back to Dell and ask for the machine to be changed as I cant fix it and as the user needs the lan cable connection to work it's pretty much useless for him.

Where did you get the insight about the Precisions and Optiplexes with the Intel Ethernet I217-LM chipsets being affected with this. Are Dell aware?

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Dell are certainly aware -  this was a big issue last summer
I can't find a support listing for the Precision but here's an Optiplex 9020 thread with the same (WoL not BIOS) issue.
We had a field note from Dell at some point around the same time.

Can you post the outcome from the Dell RMA?
richard1966Author Commented:
I will - I leave the thread open for a few days and let you know. Thanks for your help.
richard1966Author Commented:
FYI - Dell couldn't fix it and said sorry and would have the machine collected and when it's been returned back to base they would issue a refund.

What lousy customer service. I spent considerable time, effort and inconvenience trying to fix the machine and they offer a refund, no compensation or discount and from what's been stated above they knew about the issue. My user is left without a machine.

Dell have gone down hill in recent years and this is just another example of the poor product and poor service I've experienced of late.  

Very annoyed!  Thanks for the above help.
richard1966Author Commented:
Dell know about this issue and didn't fix it, best they could come up with was a refund which leaves the user without a machine. Dell have certainly gone down hill in recent years in terms of product and especially service.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Thanks for the update
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