Can ANY Laptop Be Upgraded to a Touchscreen ..

Can any laptop be converted to a touchscreen by having the original display replaced with a touchscreen?

If this can be done are there disadvantages to doing so other than cost?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"Can any laptop be converted to a touchscreen by having the original display replaced with a touchscreen?" ==>

Simple answer is NO.   On models that are offered with a touchpad option, you can replace the display with its touch equivalent (as you're aware, a costly replacement);  but if it's a system that wasn't designed with touchpad in mind, the interface to the display isn't going to support touch sensors.

Sellers of touch overlays would tell you YES => and they're correct, but an overlay will slightly deteriorate the display quality; and will have a small cable that plugs into a USB port that could get pinched when you close the display.   I definitely don't recommend this for a laptop.

Depending on how you use your laptop, an external touchpad may be a good alternative:

"If this can be done are there disadvantages to doing so other than cost?" ==>

If you have a model that supports a native touch screen, then No, there's no disadvantage beyond the cost ... replacing the display simply turns it into the touch-screen equivalent model.

For other alternatives, I've already mentioned the disadvantages of an overlay;  and with both an overlay or a dedicated touchpad you'd be using a USB port, which can be limited on laptops.
Some laptops can be done this way.

See where this was a simple but pricy task.

You can't do this for any laptop.  You need a display unit that is compatible with the original base.  And there is the cost.

You could use an overlay to attach to your screen See where one was added to a small notebook.

But you really need to have a reason for a touch screen laptop and it is probably easier and less expensive to buy one from new.
web_trackerComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
I agree, to be touchscreen capable, your laptop has to be able to support a touchscreen, in otherwords the motherboard (mobo) has to be able to touchscreen capable. So it depends on the laptop, if there is a higher model of the same type of laptop with a touchscreen option, then most likely the mobo is similar and you can buy a touch screen to upgrade the laptop. But if not the mobo would probably lack the proper connector to give you the touch screen capabilities.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Depending on what use you have in mind, a simple add-on Graphics Tablet (Drawing Tablet) might be useful ....
4ubestAuthor Commented:
I got the Logitech touchpad and it is excellent for my needs. So smooth and responsive and sensitive.  Scrolling is the best I ever experienced and window 8 gestures are well implemented.
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