Scrum:  Assignement of Product Owners and Scrum Masters

Anthony Lucia
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In general:

Are Product Owners assigned to more than a single team at one time ?

Are Scrum Masters assigned to more than a single team at one time ?

Do most organizations employ  the same number of Product Owners as Scrum Masters ?

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can be (but may not be best)


If I understand your answer to the third question correctly,, most organizations do not employ the same number of Product Owners as Scrum Masters.

If I did understand correctly, which do they employ more of, Scrum Masters or Product Owners ?

In general each team should have a fully dedicated scrum master and product owner. It is more common for a scrum master to be spread across multiple teams than a product owner. I have watched teams try with mixed results.

A scrum master will have a very challenging time being effective if assigned to more than 3 teams. A product owner may be able to get by on no more than 2 teams. I would not recommend this at all, it undermines Scrums attempt to provide focus.

It is more common to see fewer scrum masters employed.

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