What causes and email message to be sent to a junkmail folder?

I am working with a business owner who recently emailed me, and I noticed that his emails were being sent to my junk box folder. So I am wondering what caused his email to be sent to my junkbox folder? I am using Hotmail which seems very reliable.

What is odd is that occasionally I get the typical "You have inherited $1000000 from a dying person from Nambia. Please send $100 to claim your inheritance". Those scam emails sometimes get into my email inbox, instead of being sent to my junkmal account?

So I guess my question could be summarized as to why some emails make it into your inbox while others are sent to your junk email account?
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
This is all based on the SCL (spam confidence level) within Exchange. This is based on a rating and provided that an email has a level of -1 or 0 it will not be classified as spam. Anything higher 1 to 9 can be flagged as spam.

Take a look at the below link for additional details

Each mail filter has its own mechanism.
One of the adaptive/content based filters uses Bayesian which deals with statistically analyzing the contents assigning values to words/characters and if the sum of those is indicative of spam.
These mechanism is in most cases personalized to the recipient.

One thing to make sure that the sender's email addressed is not currently in the block list.

I am not sure whether hotmail includes header entries to indicate why the email was classified as spam.
There are many different things that can cause mail to be put into the spam folder. For example, if the email has no title, it goes to junk. Or if it contains medical or other very typical spam words, it also goes there. Other reasons are if you have marked the address as a spam address, it will also be put into the junk folder.

Some spammers intentionally mis-spell their text, so the words aren't recognized by spam filters, and so those messages may get through.

As no filter is 100% accurate, it is always a good idea to fly through your spam folder to find out if any false positives have gone there. Also, some people don't regard some mail to be spam, while other do, so it is also an individual preference.
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