audio to cell phone so I can learn during free time

using android 4.4.2 so I think that itunes podcast will not work

I am looking for introductory biology for dummies

I tried audio biology for ap exam but too high level which requires reading book and learning in school before exam

I wish I could learn computer programming audio but looking (and typing) would be required
has school examples which require looking at video because school blackboard is filmed.
also has podcasts about biology news which will not teach me introductory biology and I will only get surface knowledge of subject
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To learn even the most basic introductory aspects of Biology you have to understand what an atom is and how they bond to make molecules.  You have to understand the building blocks of a cell, and know that some cells are simple whereas others have a more complex specialisation of membranes and organelles inside them.  You have to be able to comprehend the difference between unicellular micro-organisms and muticellular organisms that contain specialist cells which form tissues, organs, and organ systems.

To gain a proper understanding of how all this works you really need to see images.  It might be possible to take in parts of a Biology study course by listening only, but there are certain aspects that need to be seen, such as pictures of how a cell nucleus divides.  How would you describe that in words only?  It would be like "watching" a David Attenborough nature DVD while blindfolded.

Programming is even more of a visual topic than Biology.  Most people are not born being able to "see" musical harmony, programming code, or other complexities like this only in their heads.  That only happens to true geniuses, people who are born blind and have to tune their other senses to compensate, or to people who have programmed for many years.  Most people have to learn by physically laying pen onto manuscript, or typing code into a computer, so forget trying to learn programming by listening to an audio track while driving to work, or during a half hour lunch break.

You said:
"I tried audio biology for ap exam but too high level which requires reading book and learning in school before exam" and "I am looking for introductory biology for dummies".

Personally I hate the expression "... for Dummies".   The vast majority of people can commit things to memory and repeat them again, such as historical facts or recognising flags of the world's countries, but that doesn't really require intelligence which is understanding and being able to figure things out.  You cannot learn Biology without having a reasonable level of intelligence.

If you seriously want to learn anything substantial about Biology, other than just the simplest of overviews, then you need a mix of text, images, video, and possibly also audio for certain aspects that can be adequately described without supporting media.  History might be a great topic to learn by listening to audio books, but not Biology at any level.  

How about the Open Leaning Initiative's free "Introduction to Biology" course?:

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rgb192Author Commented:
Programming is even more of a visual topic than Biology.

And you have a good visual course example
Thank you rgb
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