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I am trying to understand Storage Efficiency as described by NetApp. They have multiple pieces of documentation on it, but they seem to say slightly different things.

One document (The NetApp Storage Efficiency guide) has Storage Efficiency as:

Thin Provsioning
Data Deduplication
Data Compression
Virtual Storage Tier
Flex Clone
Thin Replication

and their own training video has it down as:

Data Compression
Data Deduplication
Flex Clone
Thin Provisioning
Thin Replication

Personally I wouldn't class RAID-DP as being part of storage Efficiency ?

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>Personally I wouldn't class RAID-DP as being part of storage Efficiency ?

This is the idea:
- RAID5 is no longer "good enough" as disks get bigger and the chances of a second disk failing during RAID rebuild are getting very real.
-RAID1(0) has a better tolerance against multiple disk failures than RAID5 but it wastes 50% of your capacity
-RAID DP offers about the same protection than RAID1(0) but wastes less capacity --> storage efficiency.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
NetApp a license to print money.

as for raid its Raid -DP or RAID4

but DeDupe and Snapshots help.
piedthepiperAuthor Commented:
Thank you that's a top explanation.  Now it makes sense that raid dp would be classed as storage efficency
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