Outlook 2013 email unread notifications.

In Outlook 2013 I have numerous sub folders to the main mail Inbox where rules put the relevant emails by 'moving' so that these regular important email senders are not mixed up with the day to day emails.

The unread email notifications are next to the relevant sub folders and not on the main Inbox folder.

Is there any way of seeing a total for unread emails in the sub folders? I believe this is possible if the rule 'copies' rather than 'moves'?

This would be nice as the sub folders disappear below the taskbar and you need to scroll them to see if the lower folders have unread emails in them.

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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You can do this via Search folders but that is it. Take a look at the below link which illustrates how to do this.


gilbey666Author Commented:
Just thought, let's just 'move a copy to specified folder' which is a sub folder of main Inbox, but rule won't work.

Any ideas?
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