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weird box in Outlook 2013

mrosier asked
Hello! I have a user who is occasionally getting this attached box when using his Outlook. It cycles through and goes away on its own after a couple moments, but I would like to fix whatever causes it to pop up so that things run smoothly. Can anyone offer insight as to what is causing it and how to fix it?
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I suspect you have some add-on software installed, something in the vain of:

iOS/OSX related software/linking/syncing?
Speech program addon?
Other custom sofware add-ons?

Just disable a bunch except the ones you really need, and I suspect this window will disappear as well.


The user is using Outlook within a Windows installation that is running via Parallels on a Mac machine. That could have something to do with it though it never gave him trouble before. I will chase it down and let you know if that solves it. Thanks!

As I said OSX related, it's looking up the cache files (Outlook want to read the cache files, which is actually on the Mac machine, and hence the path points to \\var\etc etc
If you disable the sharing of files in Windows\Mac in the Parallels settings, the Windows installation will revert to it's isolated (and hence more like a real Windows machine), and point it to it's own C:\Users\etc file location (possible speeding up the process, and no more need to display the box).


Gotcha, I will try that and let you know, thanks


I had the user disable a bunch of unnecessary add-ons in Outlook and I haven't heard a complain since. Thanks!