How to migrate Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle 12cR1

Dear Experts,

I have an Oracle 11gR2 EE Database on Windows 2008 R2 Server. There is no RAC, and the size of database is 55 GB. I would like to migrate this Database to Oracle 12cR1 EE as a pluggable database on Windows 2012 R2. Nothing (data, users, permissions, tablespaces etc.) should change.

What is the best and painless way to do this? Could you please provide me necessary directions as well as documentation?

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>>>> Will impdp also create tablespace, sequence, user and schema objects in target database?

if you did a full export, and you do a full import it will try to

I say "try" because if you old database had datafiles in
but your new server only has

then the data file creation will fail for the tablespaces.
if that happens, then simply create the tablespaces yourself in the new database and import with IGNORE=Y  and then the create will try, it will fail because they already exist and the rest of the import will proceed as normal.
DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
BR, this process is documented, overview and step-by-step, under repositories such as  

High level advice is to install a new db home so that your existing system is not corrupted -- and of course experiment with a non-production server if you can.

GurcanKAuthor Commented:
Rather than installation, I would like to get  information (focus on) for migration of database to a database on another server with higher version of Oracle. For example can I do this using Data Pump Export and how, what can be the other ways?
you can use data pump to copy your old users, objects and data to the new db.

the steps are fairly straightforward

create new 12c cdb
create pdb inside the cdb  (if using dbca to create the cdb, you can include this step along with it, or do it afterward)

Once you have the new db ready, just export and import as you would between any other dbs

expdp FULL=Y     from the old db
impdp FULL=Y  into the new pdb

alternatively, you could create a dblink from the new pdb into the old 11g db,  then use the data pump pl/sql api to import directly.  Using files gives you a little bit of a safety net though, if something goes wrong on the import you don't need to do the export again, just reimport the existing file.
GurcanKAuthor Commented:
Will impdp also create tablespace, sequence, user and schema objects in target database?
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