When running gpupdate as a domain admin on one PC it completes successfully for the User and Computer policy.  When running under a standard user the computer policy successfully updates but the User policy does not.
I can't see any obvious errors with the DNS but given it works for the domain admin I guess it is something to do with permissions.

C:\Users\Administrator.CHPHEALTH>gpupdate /force
Updating Policy...

User policy could not be updated successfully. The following errors were encountered:

The processing of Group Policy failed. Windows attempted to read the file ...\SysVol\domain\Policies\{276C6C9D-5EB4-4F7E-95B6-DC3F80FFD2CA}\gpt.ini from a domain controller and was not successful. Group Policy settings may not be applied until this event is resolved. This issue may be transient and
could be caused by one or more of the following:
a) Name Resolution/Network Connectivity to the current domain controller.
b) File Replication Service Latency (a file created on another domain controller
 has not replicated to the current domain controller).
c) The Distributed File System (DFS) client has been disabled.
Computer Policy update has completed successfully.
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Look at DFS Replication Event viewer on your domain Controller.  You may have a replication error/issue.
DFS Replication
TMSAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Just been looking again and there is an additional error under the admin account as below. I'll check the DFS.

Updating Policy...

User Policy update has completed successfully.

The following warnings were encountered during user policy processing:

The Group Policy Client Side Extension Software Installation was unable to apply
 one or more settings because the changes must be processed before system startu
p or user logon. The system will wait for Group Policy processing to finish comp
letely before the next startup or logon for this user, and this may result in sl
ow startup and boot performance.
Computer Policy update has completed successfully.

For more detailed information, review the event log or run GPRESULT /H GPReport.
html from the command line to access information about Group Policy results.

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DFS is no longer used unless your server is older.  DFS Replication is different, just sounds the same.  Please notice location of Event Viewer in pic.
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TMSAuthor Commented:
I have checked the DC and the last entry in the DFS log was from 1/3/15 which was successful. There are no entries for the last 2 months. ......?
TMSAuthor Commented:
Under file replication service I have the error The File Replication Service has detected that the replica set "DOMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)" is in JRNL_WRAP_ERROR.
And in the DNS again the events stop at 1/3/15 and the next entry on the 14/4 says The DNS server has encountered a critical error from the Active Directory. Check that the Active Directory is functioning properly. The extended error debug information (which may be empty) is "000020EF: SvcErr: DSID-02070A6F, problem 5012 (DIR_ERROR), data -1014". The event data contains the error.
Thankfully I did not have that problem, but it seems to be common.
Take a look at this posting:
And the recommended fix at:
This is the Directory Services Blog, and anything you find here by Ned Pyle should be golden:
It is possible you will need to use BurFlag as detailed here:;EN-US;290762

What version of server? Is it the authoritative or non authoritative DC in your domain?

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TMSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this. I found a couple of similar articles.  The server is SBS2010 so is authoritative.  I'll attempt to resolve over the weekend.
good Luck with that.  :)
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