Dell Data vault services are still there after uninstalling dell data vault

IN trying to troubleshoot a dell inspiron laptop with win 7, i7, 8GB ram (a 'nice' machine), that takes a while to boot up (5 minutes or so), I ininstalled a bunch of apps that Dell supplied - online backup, etc, along with I am pretty sure, dell data vault.  I noticed that the computer would freeze every minute or so for a 1/2 second or so - listening to streaming radio, it'd buzz.  googling that issue, people complained about dell preinstalled apps.  1 talked of a recent dell update causing that and to stop the dell data vault service.  II thought I uninstalled that program but let me look anyway.

yes, the datavault service was there, and running. I disabled it, along with the dell data vault wizard service.

the machine takes a little longer now to boot up.

1) whats those data vault  services for?
2) shouldn't the services be removed when uninstalling the data vault app?
3) is there a way to clean things better to remove the services themselves rather than just disable them?  Other things may be waiting on the data vault service to start and that's why stopping them actually increases boot time?

Performance once it's booted up is the same (good) with or without data vault running.
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According to this post on Dell's Facebook, DellDataVault and DellDataWizard are used by Dell Support to help diagnose issues with the system:
What is this "DellDataVault" and "DellDataWizard" you pushed through to my system without any notice?

Dell: Those are Dell software which is required by the Dell support central. So do not worry, it will not harm your system.
If you've disabled the DellDataVault, it's possible DellDataWizard is looking for it on boot and stalling the system.

You should try uninstalling the Dell Support software, like My Dell or SupportAssist. It's likely you uninstalled Dell DataSafe online backup, but not the support program that uses the DellDataVault service.
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
I did uninstall dell support, dell agreement, etc.

what's still installed

dell music stage
dell photo stage
dell stage
dell touchpad
dell video stage
dell webcam central

I guess unless I installed all of them, can't be sure data vault service doesn't hang around till the last thing is gone.  I left the dell data vault and data vault wizard disabled at this point to stop the freezing.  we'll see if / when the user uses the stage items, if there's problems with the data vault being turned off.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I suggest downloading a copy of Microsoft Autoruns, then going through the startup lists to see what is being auto-loaded behind your back.  Look on the Logon tab first.

(I find Autoruns easier to read than msconfig.  Your mileage may vary.)

An amazing amount of junk is loaded by program suites which feel that they are entitled to a static allocation of 32 MB of memory and their very own 15 seconds at startup, plus the odd second now and then.

Also check which antivirus is installed.  McAfee and Norton are often problematic, as they hook deeply into the system.
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